Offiah and Boston are fans choice for the best ever wingers in international rugby league

5th April 2020, 11:11

After several days of debate, which has generated huge passion amongst the social media fans of international rugby league, the two wingers shirts have been filled.

The fans across social media were given a choice of ten great wingers to consider and eventually this was narrowed down to four players, Martin Offiah, Brian Bevan, Billy Boston and Ken Irvine.

The choice was tough - different styles, different eras different circumstances but the final choice, which can down to a handful of on-line votes and comments has put Martin Offiah on one wing and Billy Boston on the other wing.

At the end Irvine and Bevan missed out by the slimmest of margins and, they, as would several of the others would have been worthy choices.

The discussion will now move on to the centre threequarters...........