The Viking that found Norwegian Rugby League through internet

1st April 2020, 10:34


The Viking that found Norwegian Rugby League through internet

Kristian Nordin-Skipnes was born in the middle of the historic Viking scenery in the city of Orkdal in Norway. Little did his family and himself know that a simple Facebook post 24 years later would make him a true Viking. When Kristian was just 8 months old the family Nordin-Skipnes moved “down under” to Canberra, and they never returned.


As many young Australians do, Kristian fell in love with Rugby League and had some success with junior teams at the Raiders and in the ACT. However, he has always been proud of and maintained his Norwegian roots.

In October 2017, after receiving a message on social media, Kristian travelled all the way from Australia to the Czech Republic to play for Norway against Czech Republic. For Kristian this was a proud moment saying;


“Lining up for the first time with the boys in that jersey is something I’ll never forget.”


Since 2017 Kristian has represented the Vikings several times. His highlights are the victory over Germany in Euro C in 2018 and, of course, the Euro C final against Greece, despite the loss.


The Norwegian Rugby League coach, Dave Hunter, is very satisfied the impact Kristian has made on the Norwegian squad saying;


“His experience and willingness to improve our style of play is highly appreciated.”


Rugby League Norway`s President Karl-Fredrik Velle is very glad that we can use the sport of Rugby League to fulfil players dreams to represent their country;


“Even though you are a Norwegian born outside of Norway or you started to play the sport in Norway, we want all possible Norwegian national team players to raise their hands. We need you all to reach our dreams!”