Roger Tuivasa-Sheck wins the 2019 Golden Boot

16th November 2019, 13:24


Roger Tuivasa-Sheck wins the 2019 Golden Boot

New Zealand Kiwi’s Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has been named as winner of the International Rugby League Golden Boot 2019.

The Golden Boot is awarded to the player judged by a panel drawn from the rugby league media, who have produced the best performances in international rugby league in the calendar year.

The panel has reviewed performances across the whole of the 2019 international season which has included the MEA Championship in Lagos, the mid-year international programme, qualification games for RLWC2021, the Great Britain Rugby League Lions tour and the inaugural Oceania Cup.

The short-list of nominations has reflected the increasing spread of nations producing the highest quality players. Players from Tonga and Fiji have joined players from New Zealand, Australia and England on the final list being considered for the men’s Golden Boot. 

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has had a magnificent year for the Kiwis and has often been the difference between them and their opponents. He has been the stand-out player in the games against the Great Britain Rugby League Lions and is always amongst the best in every international game.

The panel cited Roger for being “… a fullback of rare quality, who is safe under pressure and has a devastating ability to turn defence into attack with brilliant footwork and superb passing skills.

“He has a genuine x-factor, is a game breaker and his running metres have been exceptional”

International Rugby League’s chief executive officer, Nigel Wood commented on the winner of the Golden Boot saying:

“It is really important that International Rugby League recognises the players who put in consistently excellent performances representing their country at the highest level.

“Roger is one of the most exciting runners that we have seen in rugby league and to win the Golden Boot in such a stellar year is a great testimony to the quality of his performances.

“I would like to congratulate both the winners and also commend the players who ran them close for these awards.

“It all confirms the excitement and the quality that is produced by international rugby league and builds the excitement for 2020 and then into Rugby League World Cup 2021.”